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6 Business Side Hustles to Get You Started

GUEST POST BY: Emily, contributor at

You never know when those few extra bucks may come handy. A growing number of people are looking out for opportunities that would give them that extra financial edge. There are many small businesses that can make a huge difference to your financial situation. The ‘hustle business’ is one of them. This is also a happening thing among the millennial generation that looks for financial independence at a very early age.

The hustle business is a great idea. In other words, it is a second business that would add a few bucks to your earnings. But for a lot of people finding the right business is a challenge. Here are some options that would help you start small with minimal investment.

1. Online Teaching
The growing demand for quality English teachers and the dearth of the same is becoming a great opportunity for those who have an inclination towards teaching. There are various online teaching opportunities such as teaching English online to those living no English-speaking countries. A few hours a day could earn you a decent fee.

Apart from English, there is also a wide demand for another subject. Online tuitions are quite popular and a dearth of quality teachers is a great opportunity for those who are well versed in their area of specialization.

2. Start an Online Business
Online business opportunity keeps evolving by the day. If you are keen and enterprising, you can find opportunities that not only give you the few extra bucks but can also bring you fortunes. Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp are just a few examples of successful online endeavors. Instagram marketing or an e-commerce portal are just among the few other online businesses that are quite happening. One of the easiest ways to make money online is to start a blog. A good blog can fetch you money in terms of online ads. However, understanding what the internet audience is looking for and being able to deliver the information in an interesting manner can make your blog stand out from the rest.

The extra buck is always welcome. Selling unique products online can be a great way to do it. Say, for example, checkout quadcopters or any other unique product that is gaining popularity and are in demand either online or in your specific region.

3. Cab Services
With cab services like UBER, OLA, Lfyt, around, you can use your driving skills to increase the earning in your wallet. These companies offer some flexible work options for those have a few hours to spare. Start your own private services in your area. You could make your services available during free time. Tying up with local established tourist agencies may propel your business opportunity and give you a wider customer base.

4. Take A Culinary Route
If you are confident with your culinary skills then there is not a perfect way than to hustle yourself in. You can cook for a couple of hours a day or even take up orders for parties and events. Another way to use your cooking talent is to make baked products such as cookies or goodies and sell them to the local supermarket or so. This is a profitable business if managed sensibly and priced strategically.

5. Rent Out Extra Space
Get more organized with your living spaces. Let the extra space to get you that extra cash. Depending on the size of the space you have you can rent it out as an office or even as a service apartment. Homestays are another good option.

6. Go Green
With the world desperately turning back to green, put your gardening skills together to make green space where you can grow vegetables that are organic and are pesticide free. Look for vegetables that can be easily grown.

A few tips in mind before choosing your options could make your tryst with hustle business a successful endeavor. Choose a business option that is hassle free. If you are a novice in this area, it is always good to start small. Always look for opportunities where your monetary input would be minimal. In this way, even if things do not turn out you will not feel the pinch. Look for options that do not require much of your time.

A successful hustle business requires one to be open minded and a willingness to learn from glitches and challenges that come across.

About the author: Emily is contributor at HellCopters and looks forward to bringing information that is relevant and usable by the readers.

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