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How Do You Cope With Being Unable To Attend Events With Friends?

The last time I attempted Dave Ramsey’s baby steps I was single and my best friend lived out of town. There was little temptation to go out because my desire to become debt free was strong and in charge! This time around I’m doing my best to keep a healthy balance between work, side hustles, my boyfriend, family and seeing my best friend more than once a month.

Today, I found myself at a loss of words. I couldn’t bring myself to tell a friend that meeting her for dinner simply wasn’t in my budget. The heaviness of shame crippling my ability to be honest. I know my financial goals are going to improve my lifestyle tremendously! I’m truly excited to tackle this pile of debt and finally gain financial freedom!

But my ego is lurking in the shadows telling me that what I’m doing is not normal. Each time I have to turn down an outing or miss a concert/show I have to remind myself of the bigger picture. I guess I’m writing this in hopes of receiving support…

How do you guys deal with not being able to go on normal outings with friends and family? What free alternatives do you suggest doing instead?

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