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TRAVEL: How To Pack For Colorado On A Budget

This February I visited Colorado for the first time ever. This was actually my first time seeing snow! Growing up in Texas there were only two instances when it snowed very lightly, never covering the ground. So obviously I didn’t own any snow gear. Since we were going snowboarding during our trip I needed to figure out a way to get my hands on a snow jacket and pants without breaking the bank.

So what did I do?

I called my cousin who visits Colorado pretty regularly and asked to borrow her gear. She said Yes! This alone, saved me hundreds of dollars! If you don’t live in a cold climate I would definitely recommend borrowing, when possible. Ask around…. You never know!

As for equipment, we rented snowboards, snowshoes and helmets locally in Colorado. There’s no sense in carrying these items on the plane if you don’t have to. And you can usually get discounts if you reserve your rentals weeks in advance.

The airline we flew on only allows one personal item on the plane. I decided to bring 1 backpack and ditch the non-essentials. This left me with the basics… LAYERS! Because I’m not used to the cold I wanted to be sure I was prepared with enough items to layer on. I brought 2 pairs of pants and a pair of fleece-lined leggings to keep me extra warm. I also brought 2 tops that could be mixed and matched with the pants.

MINIMALIST TIP: Most of my clothes are black and gray tones. This makes packing a hundred times easier for me!

I also brought sports bras, boy shorts, extra socks (these are the items I like to have extra of – it’s all good since they’re small and can easily be rolled up). A hat, swimsuit (in case there’s a hot tub), gloves and GOGGLES. Did I mention goggles?! If someone asked me what’s the most important thing to bring on a snowboarding trip (aside from the safety equipment) I would say goggles! I originally only brought sunglasses but they kept fogging up. Since I wear contacts so my eyes became irritated with the high winds. On top of that, it started to snow and I couldn’t see a thing! It’s extremely frustrating when you’re trying to snowboard down a mountain unable to see. Never again!

I only brought 1 pair of shoes. Throw in some food bars, a book or magazine, toiletries and you’re all set!
What is your number one travel essential?

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