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I have considered myself a minimalist for a few years now. But the other day I noticed my closet was beginning to overflow. I took a moment to scan what was actually in there and realized a good amount of clothing had somehow sneaked its way into my wardrobe when I wasn’t looking. There were multiple items I had been gifted and outfits I purchased for events, such as weddings. I also found a few things I picked up while traveling the Pacific Coast last year.

So even though I considered myself a minimalist… I wasn’t truly living the values of minimalism. When I made the switch to second hand shopping, I almost never said no to a cheap deal. “It’s on sale, why not?” That was the shopaholic inside of me, still clawing its way out. It takes time to change old habits and I guess I’m still working on mine.

I recently did my first MAJOR CLOSET CLEAN OUT and filmed it here. I had no idea it would be so difficult. I clinged to some of the items, contemplating ways to rationalize keeping them. After much consideration, This is what I kept:

5 workout tops
4 workout pants
7 work tops
7 everyday tops
7 t-shirts (I love sleeping in these!)
7 dresses
4 skirts
3 work pants / 2 jeans / 1 pair of sweat pants

It still seems like quite a lot of clothing but I’m going to monitor how often I wear what was kept and see if I can reduce even MORE! Decluttering is such an amazing feeling! There’s a sense of freedom in letting go of material possessions!

I hope the clothes I sell and donate make their way to people in need who will truly find joy in wearing them. I believe in loving every item I own and being more mindful when making ALL purchases. Where we spend our money shows us what we value in life.

How many items do you have in your closet?

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