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Thank You, Debt Free Community!

I have to admit, when I started my financial journey I was gazelle intense! I was paying every extra penny towards my debt. Nothing could stand in my way! It’s funny how quickly things can change. I was recently let go from my job and I literally felt like the rug had been pulled from under my feet. It’s taken me a few weeks to get up the nerve to write this post. At first I was embarrassed. Then I felt lost. But today is different, today I feel BRAVE.

Losing a job can be extremely difficult. Not just financially, but mentally too. Because I have struggled with accepting my current financial situation this was a huge blow to my self-esteem. I announced the news on my instagram account and couldn’t believe the amount of support I received from the debt free community.

  • eyeletcreative It’s always for the best! Put your heart and time into your business now!
  • veefrugalfox You’re going to be ok. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but you’ll find your way. Let me know if I can do anything for you.
  • christinathenurse First let me say this: I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine the negative feelings that are going on in your world right now. Now let me say this: I was perusing Christine Caine’s IG page last night and saw this message and it just spoke to my heart. Perhaps your heart needs it today as well. Your next adventure is waiting just around the corner! Here’s what she said: “Sometimes God closes doors because it’s time to MOVE forward. He knows you won’t move unless your circumstances force you. Trust the transition. God’s got you!!” @christinecaine
  • new2budget @christinathenurse this is a true statement. I strongly believe when I was laid off from my job, it was God’s way of moving me because otherwise I would’ve never moved.
  • new2budget I am a testament that GOD WILL PROVIDE. I was laid off after being with my employer for 18 years in 2015. God has provided me with employment since then. I am currently working temporary but I am able to meet my financial obligations with God as my source providing a resource. Keep HIM first and I promise HE WILL MAKE A WAY! @thebudgetawakens
  • eatpraybudget I am so sorry @thebudgetawakens !! Your #debtfreecommunity is here to support you!!
  • kristylea_80 Oh @thebudgetawakens I’ve been there! Honestly, as awful as it was, I had not been happy at that job anyway and I ended up at a job I truly did enjoy. Dust off that resume, start applying and do some soul searching in meantime. Do your four walls, the rest can wait. ((Hugs!))
  • getrichquickish Best of luck!
  • the_soulful_savers Try to find clips of #daveramsey giving advice for someone in this situation I believe it will help. He makes it a positive thing! Best of luck! 🙏🏼😻🤓
  • minimisewithme I’m sure this is just the start of a new journey 😊
  • mariandaniells New step, new adventure. You got this!!!

I mean, WOW!! If you haven’t joined our instagram community, I strongly suggest you visit some of the accounts listed above. Their words of encouragement helped me get back on my feet and continue moving forward. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and this job change will bring me closer to more fulfilling work.

Be sure to leave your instagram username in the comments below so we can be friends!

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