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TIP: Get a Partner That Shares Your Financial Values

Talking about money has always been a difficult subject for me. There’s all this taboo around sharing too much or too little about financial situations. Especially when dating. I just wanted it all to disappear! I was ashamed of the hole I dug myself into. So when my boyfriend at the time viewed money as plentiful- constantly splurging on anything and everything, I began to adopt his mindset. There was always more than enough to go around!

Until there wasn’t.

He eventually ran into financial problems of his own.

Even though his attitude of Abundance taught me to release my fear of never having enough… it also taught me how important it is to save and invest in an emergency fund. Talking about finances with your partner is HUGE! I didn’t share my debt with him because it never felt like an issue. Everything was always going so well. And truthfully, I was embarrassed.

I hope that posting my progress on The Budget Awakens will help me to eliminate that shame.

I’m currently dating a partner that shares my minimalist values and we talk openly about money. It’s still very new for me to let him in on how deep my struggle is. But I will continue to fight debt with lightsaber in hand. Because each time I make a payment I grow stronger and more confident in my pursuit! 😎

And it’s pretty sweet knowing my boyfriend has my back.

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